Montessori Ukraine United Announces Second Grant

Montessori Ukraine United (MUU) is pleased to announce it has awarded a €1050.00 grant to Children’s Montessori Center Whychka in Dnipro, Ukraine. The grant includes both Montessori materials and general budget support to the school to alleviate the economic hardship caused by the war.  

The grant follows an earlier award supporting five Montessori schools in the regions of Mykolayiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernigiv, and Dnipro in Ukraine, which provided support for school running costs, scholarships for children and educational sessions with parents.  Further information is available at

Commenting on the awards, Nico Vasseur, Board Member of MUU, said, “We are committed to helping ensure that children in Ukraine are able to receive an education that, meeting the aspiration of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, helps them fully develop their personalities, talents and abilities.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with the teachers, school administrators, parents and communities doing their utmost to provide children’s education under extremely difficult circumstances.” 

Montessori Ukraine United was established following wide-ranging discussions on the most effective way of supporting Montessori education in Ukraine at a time of war and with the hope of contributing to rebuilding in the future. The work is supported through partnerships with Association Montessori Internationale, the Montessori Global Growth Fund and Nienhuis.   To learn more about our work, visit  

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