Montessori Ukraine United

Montessori Ukraine United (MUU) provides support for the Montessori community of Ukraine through initiatives that facilitate the continuation of children’s education in Ukraine in support of their natural development and their central role in building a more harmonious and peaceful world.


 We have launched the We Stand Together! school to school solidarity campaign to match Montessori schools abroad with Montessori schools in Ukraine. Its immediate goal is to assist the Ukranian Montessori community and schools with the financial and moral support they desperately need to stay open during the winter months and to survive the war. This is an emergency situation; temperatures are dropping, the country’s infrastructure is actively being destroyed, and the hardships faced by the Ukrainian people—especially its children—are mounting daily.

The We Stand Together! Campaign builds on the principle that partnerships for peace are mutually enriching. While material support will flow from schools around the world to a Montessori school in Ukraine, the sharing of information and the deeper understanding between communities will benefit all.

Grant Allocation

Replacing materials that have been damaged, lost or looted during the conflict

Enabling teachers to continue to facilitate the well-being of children and their families through training and other means

Facilitating the delivery of Montessori materials starter kits to schools functioning underground, in basements and shelters

Actions resulting in the translation of Montessori books and materials into the Ukrainian language.


We are pleased to acknowledge the collaborative discussions that led to the formation of MUU. Our Board will continue to develop its expertise and representation to reflect changing circumstances and will make every effort to complement the activities of other individuals and organisations working to support Ukraine.

We welcome the partnership with the Montessori Global Growth Fund which has allowed us to make our first grant allocation. It is also a great pleasure to have the support  of Nienhuis who are providing a substantial discount on materials purchased for Ukraine.  Association Montessori Internationale has also been instrumental in establishing MUU and continues to provide support by amplifying our message. Our intention is to build on these relationships while seeking new partners who aspire to make a meaningful impact on the future of children and education in Ukraine.